CHINATOWN (A Simulation Play)

When Hash, a second-generation Puerto Rican sets out to redesign Manhattan’s infamous Dimes Square in downtown Chinatown,  the future American Dream seems just within his reach. The vision is simple: a utopian playground of high rises, quality investments, and fourth wave coffee shops for future New Yorkers. What happens in one night might be impossible to come back from after a night out at karaoke to earn his clients’ respect and face himself (like really, really face himself) as he bares his soul.

Wild Green World

Co-directed and edited (for Icelandic translation) by artist Johanna Asgeirsdottir, this collaborative play was produced for Listastofan Gallery in Reykjavik, Iceland. The children’s classic, Le Petit Prince is re-imagined for an apocalyptic version of Iceland’s capital, an unrecognizable city decimated by the effects of climate change. When a solo female scientist ventures into new territory to make the best use of her last moments alive, she meets an unlikely friend to survive the end of the world.

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Play, Bedside Manners. Director/Writers, Susan Moon, Sean Eve. Baltimore Fringe Festival. Location TBD in Baltimore, MD. August ‘23

Short Play, Bedside Manners. Director/Writers, Susan Moon, Sean Eve. International Human Rights Festival (IHRAF). The Tank. January ‘23

Dance play, The Choice Part. Dancer, Susan Moon. Director/choreogapher, Sacha Vega. Rutgers University. October '22

Reading, High at Chuseok. Director/Writer, Susan Moon. Group show. Prattsville Arts Center. August '22

Play, Chinatown: a simulation. Writer/Co-director, Susan Moon. The Tank, Brooklyn College Weasel Festival. June '22

Film, The Image You Missed. Voiceover, Susan Moon. Writer/director, Donal Foreman. Spring 2017

Play, Wild Green World. Writer/Director Susan Moon, Johanna Asgeirdottir. Listastofan Art Gallery. September '19

Mixed Media Performance, korean-americana. Writer/Director, Susan Moon. Group show. Whitewall Gallery. November '15

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